Five Tips on How to Pack Tv for Moving

NYC Movers have limited time at their disposal to perfectly deal with the packing process, and this may result in anxiety about being unprepared for the move. Televisions offer us many entertainments; therefore, it is very important to maintain their good state by taking time to pack and move without damaging them. In this article, we have discussed some of the tips you should consider when moving, including;

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  • Unplug all cords

    : Removing the cords and external accessories from the tv is the number one thing to do. To simplify the whole process, always have one box for the cords and remotes. You can always take a snap of the back of the TV to remember where the cords go and later on pack all of them together with accessories in a single box. Name your boxes and have many photos of the content of your TV accessories box. This will clear your doubts about not packing any TV accessory for you will go back to your photos to check out.

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